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The first binding I am confronting for my Book of the Weaver I am terming as “soul arrogance”.  This is my own term, but it helps me wrap my mind quickly around the concept during meditation sessions and the normal course of the day.  The first binding posed by Orion is:

Humanity is the only being with a soul and there are forces out to steal it.

At first I really did not think this binding was a part of my everyday experience or perception.  And to be honest, in comparison to some people I know barely noticeable.  But as I thought further on this binding I realized it is a lot stronger than I first realized.

One of the first images I got on this during meditation was a scene from my childhood.  We had a detached garage behind out house where I grew up in the Old North End of Colorado Springs.  Behind the garage was a colony of black ants.  And I used to torture them.  I hate even thinking about it nowadays as it brings up tremendous feelings of shame and regret.  How I treated these ants stems directly from the point of view that only human beings have a soul.  The false notion that only human beings are endowed with “real” life.  This thought was doubly horrifying upon remembering that in Orion’s stream of the Faery teachings, ants are totemic of the power of the Underworld.

And although I am ashamed to admit it, upon further reflection my mistreatment of animals, plants, et cetera, does not stop with ants; nor is it relegated to my childhood.  This was a tough realization for a self proclaimed, “tree hugging dirt worshiper” to come to.

The second part of the binding speaks of the fear that there are forces out to “steal” the human soul.  This is, of course, one of the central teachings of Christianity, that Satan is out to steal the human soul.  Again, as a long time pagan, I usually scoff at this idea.  Again I was faced, on further reflection, that I carry this binding as well.

Wow.  Frustrating.

But I cannot tell you how many times I have gone out during the late hours of the night seeking spirit contact.  Hoping with every step that I was growing closer to the Otherworld.  But what has actually happened when I actually felt spirit contact, or the manifestation of something unseen nearby?  I bolt!  Panic sets in and some part of me convinces itself that “I am not ready for this” or “What if it is malevolent?”  Then I have returned home breathless feeling like a fool for being afraid of exactly what I am seeking!  This reaction has *always* puzzled me.  Perhaps this binding is giving me a glimpse into why?

I can only say that already I am feeling a closer connection with my own unconscious perspectives already.  It can be humbling to confront exactly where the Overculture has skewed your own thoughts and even deeply held convictions.  Where actions contradict ideals.  It is that liminal space between actions/ideals where the Weaver gives Her instruction.