Wee bit about me


Benn Mac Steafán:

Life long Coloradoan, lover of Celtic culture, father of three, Druid and Seer.

The blog title, “Tír na nOuray” is a poetic term for Colorado that I coined in Gaelic meaning “Land of Ouray”.  Ouray was one of the greatest Ute chiefs, (the indigenous people of Colorado) and lead the Utes through the difficult times of European settlement; an amazing leader for an amazing tribe.

3 thoughts on “Wee bit about me”

  1. Good Day!

    I love your blog, very much. You and I are in some very similar places in our journeys, in more ways than one! I am the father of two, seekers of the sacred in the land and the insights afforded by the modern mysteries of Druidry and the native spiritual traditions of Britain and Ireland. We also have pretty much the same complaints with “CR” today.

    I just started a new blog, which I hope you will come by and see sometimes; your input would be valued by me. I hope you don’t mind, but in my coming posts, I plan to discuss your last article, regarding Celtic Culture and us Americans, and the paradox of Neo-Paganism and CR.

    Keep up the good work, cousin, and may the Gods keep on protecting you and yours!


  2. Thanks for your many constructive comments to my “Political Pagan” from your perch atop a “sidhe” in the Rockies. My PhD was about Indo-European afterlife beliefs, and I enjoyed exploring the Celtic traditions. I may now get to convert this into a book on Pagan Afterlife Traditions, in which case I will be looking for contemporary Pagans to see how they are adapting old afterlife traditions for modern day belief and ritual. Could I ask your input for the Celtic side of things?

    Best regards, Michael Strmiska (Maelstrom)

  3. Maelstrom,

    Anything I can do to help just let me know. I enjoy your blog and will be a regular visitor.