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The time from Samhain to the Winter Solstice is always a powerful time of year for me.  But a new project I am undertaking this year is making it even more so.  As some of you may know I have been studying Seership with Orion Foxwood now for a number of years.  I finally feel like I have reached the level where I can start my work with the Weaver goddess by starting my own Book of the Weaver.  Very exciting work for me!

One of the central concepts of Faery Seership is that the soul is often “blinded and bound”.  These bindings are usually self created and/or perpetuated.  The Seer goes to the Weaver goddess for aid in breaking these bonds of illusion; bonds that bind the natural wisdom of the soul.  So the Seer is presented with a series of questions that begin the process of confronting the Seer with his own “blinding binders”.  I have currently only gone through two of the eleven questions, but I can see why these questions are meant for later study; I know that I would not have been able to answer these questions honestly just a few years ago.

Orion talks about the binders in his book The Tree of Enchantment thus:

We inherited many of these illusions from our cultures, religious politics, social networks, family, and even the media.  We too often have accepted them as truth, even though our inner voices have tried to reveal these deceptions.  I ask my students to as themselves what binding spells they have cast upon themselves.  And what is the source and intention behind these charms of illusion?

The bindings presented to the Seer are as follows:

  • Humanity is the only being with a soul and there are forces out to steal it.
  • Humanity is inherently broken and flawed because it has free will.
  • The spirit world is demonic and out to harm us.
  • The original vision of the Creator is primarily closed to us because we have free will.
  • Humanity is seperate from the natural world and, thus, has the right to dominate it for its own purposes.
  • The world of flesh ans form is in direct opposition to spirit and truth.
  • Humanity’s science, religions, or other belief systems are immutable truths that determine whether something is real, good, or evil.
  • Only gifted people can perform what are seen as miracles, magic, or contact with the unseen world.
  • Humanity is the only species with intellectual and spiritual intelligence on a spiritual path and a quest or truth.
  • Humanity is alone on the path of spiritual awakening.
  • Physical substances, such as Earth and our bodies are absent of wisdom, intelligence, truth, and spiritual power.

When these bindings are presented the Seer he/she is asked to keep a journal of his/her reflections on these bindings (called the Book of the Weaver) and asked for each one:

  1. Have I internalized these bindings?
  2. In what ways have I done so?
  3. What is my way to resolve them?

I am still sorting through these bindings but one thing has surprised me.  I am often verbalized disgust with many of these perspectives/bindings, but upon serious reflection I have been humbled by realizing just how much I *have* internalized them.  Once I sort through some of the insights I have been having (and can turn them into more than just incoherent babble) I will be posting them here.