Not a serious post this time.  At all.

I must admit that I like to pride and perhaps fool myself that I am impervious to marketing.  I am a learned man after all and listen to public radio and all that.  I occasionally spend time listening to ads on the radio or watching someone else’s TV and mocking various ads.  Like the sexy man parading with ripped abs, whoring himself for the Gap or some such.  But I have just seen an ad that made me salivate and crave Tullamore Dew, one of the favorite Irish Whiskey’s.  I feel humbled by the sheer advertising brilliance of these two ads, and sufficiently cut down to size.  If there was a good description of the Otherworld, I think it would be a lot like a Tullamore Dew ad.  Although the glaring omission of the Fair Folk is unforgivable here.  😉