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Starting this coming Sunday I am going to begin preparations for a Dream Turas.  Turas, for those of you who may not know, is Gaelic for “excursion, expedition, journey, ride, run, tour, pilgrimage, trip”.  I tend to use turas when referring to these kinds of trips, I feel it carries a more complete meaning than “pilgrimage”.  I have been meaning to to a turas like this for years now and am finally getting off my duff and doing it.

I was recently lead back to a local site with a small panel of petroglyphs; a set of petroglyphs that look very old.  The panel contains a group of figures that have fascinated me ever since I first saw them.  There is definitely something “special” about this place.  Quiet, peaceful, and filled with an aura of expectation.  I bring an offering every time I go (which has only been a handful of times) and make some simple prayers.

Seeking dreams at powerful places is ancient tradition common to many cultures all over the world.  In Ireland for example certain burial mounds were thought to be places that could bestow dreams of great power where the seeker would either, “see a wonder or go mad”.  There is also the Asclepeion in Turkey; perhaps the first holistic hospital in the world.  The Asclepeion was a temple to the Greek god of healing Asclepius where patients would go and spend there first nights in rooms that had the ability to induce powerful dreams.  It was the patients dream that started the healing process.

A few days ago I took a short hike to the site, left and offering and stated my intention for being there, what I would be doing, and when I would do it (on “the second night after the new moon”).  I got some favorable omens!

So starting on Sunday I will begin a raw food and water cleanse that will last through the end of the turas on the morning of the 18th.  I will spend the week praying to my ancestors and the gods for success.  I will hike in the afternoon of the 17th and stay the night at the site, leaving in the morning.  It any of my readers feel so inclined I would really appreciate prayers directed my way (especially on the night of the 17th) for good brí!  I have learned not to expect grand visions and strange happenings from these kinds of trips, if they come great.  Often the more subtle dreams or even feelings of peace can be far more powerful and have a longer energetic impact.

If any of you have done similar journeys in the past I would love to hear about your experiences.