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Now that Fall has come to the Rockies it is aspen season.  The aspens here turn gold, and when I say gold I mean GOLD.  So Hilary and I went in search of aspens and Greenback trout, not to fish mind you, just to stalk.  Of course the one downside to Rocky Mountain streams this time of year is this; they are @*!$ing COLD.
As you can see my first plunge was harder, and more painful than I thought.  This is also a cautionary tale on the dangers of wife with camera.  Regardless it was one of the most beautiful days I have ever seen, or been naked in.

I have always been fascinated by the Shinto ceremony of misogi, an intense rite of purification.  Misogi uses a combination of prayer, exercise, breathing, and offerings to purify the spirit and the body.  Misogi is a feature of Japanese mountain ascetic practices, and as such fascinates the mountain pagan in me.  One of my pursuits over the winter will be the preliminary development of a waterfall purification with a pagan/Celtic flair.  This was my first practical test of some ideas.  Although these experiences are somewhat painful, the effect is unmistakeable; you really feel like a different person afterwards. Gods, I love Colorado!  I leave you with some more shots.

Climbing along the creek.

Aspen of pure gold

Finally got in, froze, and prayed.

Hilary next to the pool.