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After three years of letting this blog sit and stew I am back up.  I have been amazed at the amount of traffic I still get on this backwaters blog considering the myriad of amazing pagan blogging on the net nowadays.  But with the launch of my new podcast, “Mountains of the Sun” my interest and desire to speak on issues in paganism that are dear to my heart is back.  So if any of you are still out there I hope I can stir your interest once more.

First of I want to brag about my latest project, a podcast produced by my wife Hilary and I.  “Mountains of the Sun” is only on it’s second episode but I have enjoyed only a few other projects as much as I adore this one.  If you are interested in tuning in you can subscribe to the show on iTunes; just do a search for “Mountains of the Sun” and we will pop up.  You can also find us on the web by clicking here.

Our first show covered our musings of the future of paganism, and the second was all about 2012.  We will be heading up to Denver’s Pagan Pride Day on October 20th.  I will be doing a workshop entitled, “Working with Ancestors”, and will be conducting some interviews for our November show.  October’s show (to be released around the middle of this month) will be a discussion related to Samhain, again all about ancestors.  I hope you give a listen and tell me what you think!