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Well here we go again . . .

As seems to be common in the San Luis Valley here in Colorado since the 1960’s (and perhaps earlier) more bodies of domesticated animals have been found mutilated on a ranch near the New Mexico line.  These bizarre mutilations stretch back, in documented form, to Snippy the Horse back in 1967.  Like other incidents of this kind the cuts are precise and the skin is found peeled back and organs removed.

Now there are, of course, many theories about what exactly causes these mutilations.  Things such as alien spacecraft, governmental black helicopters, and even the infamous chupacabra, have been blamed.  I personally do not think that the government theory holds a lot of water.  If it was a government experiment why leave any body at all?  Why not just buy calves on the open market (or steal them) take them to a government facility and conduct your experiments/mutilations there?  I am not saying that these things are the result of alien activity, I have no clue what does this.  But I am always surprised at our ability to simply ignore these kind of things and pass them off as “weird” and not warranting any more investigation.  Shouldn’t someone with a little more technical expertise look into these kind of things, compile the data centrally and treat it with some seriousness?

For more information about this incident I recommend looking at http://www.ufonut.com.  It is an excellent blog by the current amateur researcher Chuck Zukowski, who lives here in the Springs.  He also has a YouTube video of one of the scenes and the calves here.