Been meaning to do a blog about this very special duo for some weeks now.  Kaisercartel!  I was oh so lucky enough to meet these two fabulous people back in July at a small concert here in the Springs.  Their music has a certain heartfelt elusivity that I absolutely treasure.  They like to play at a small coffee house here called Shuga’s that lends itself, to well . . . intimate gatherings.  It also makes it easier to meet and talk to the musicians!  They both have a genuinely good time playing that is sooooo palpable.  They are extremely approachable, kind, and just full of good vibe.  You feel charmed, entranced, happy, and may even find yourself blushing.  Weird, I know. Guess you just had to be there.

They ended the concert by playing a song which entails them walking into the audience and singing the last song while looking right into your eyes.  I was able to experience this, and it was an experience I will never forget.  Anyway give ’em a listen, you will be very happy that you did.  Start with these:

Blue Sky:

Oh No: