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Very excited to be started on a new project, while getting into some long neglected skills.  One of the things I have found that Faery Seership has been doing for me is giving me greater focus and inspiration for living.  I have an amazing creek right behind my house and have picked out a place for a small shrine to Cernunnos.  I have had a nice sized piece of alabaster sitting around in the garage for sometime now, and have decided to use it for the statue (yes *idol*) of Cernunnos.  I have had a few experiences of building shrines in out of the way places, and been amazed at the effect that it has on people who “stumble upon” them.  Even the most simple shrine can make big impressions on those who see them.

I have had some people ask me to chronicle my steps of carving the alabaster and the steps in making the shrine itself.  So here goes.  Like so many projects, it starts in my garage.  I have assembled the following tools:

  • 2 Hand Saws (they cut alabaster even more effectively than they cut wood)
  • Set of chisels (toothed, straight, and beveled)
  • Set of files (ranging from course and broad to small and delicate)
  • Towel (for resting the stone on)
  • Broom and dust pan (hand sized)

With all of these things assembled I took the stone (which screamed Horned God from the beginning) and looked over what was the best way to use what I have.  Here is the stone in it’s original form:


After mulling it over a good long while (your decisions are pretty slow when sculpting stone), I decided on the first few cuts and then inverted the stone once done:


The center stone in the photo above is the piece I will use for the idol itself.  I plan on basing it loosely on the image of Cernunnos from the Gundestrup Cauldron but including some upright man parts in the process, *wink*, and with more lifelike anatomy all around.   Instead of carving the antlers with the rest of the idol I plan on making two small holes in the top of his head where I can put either alabaster or wood inserts of the antlers that I will carve at the end.  Next post will be some photos of where I am putting the shrine and how I am thinking of constructing it.

Idol worshipers unite!  As an interesting synchronicity The Wild Hunt has a post today about idol making in India.  Check it out.