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Odd story today from out of Colorado.  A cow tongue was found wrapped in plastic and tied with nylon cord.  After the Fuzz called in the bomb squad (in a cornfield! LOL!) to check out said package, and identified it as non-bomb like, it was unwrapped.  Evidently they found a cow tongue inside, with sutures that closed a cavity with some paper with writing in Spanish, different types of pepper (chili?), and a photograph (presumably of a person).  This is definitely one of those “news of the weird” type things.

Although I think this is rather silly news, I can imagine that the farmer probably feels somewhat freaked out.  I was “witched” by a Navajo neighbor one time in the past, not a good feeling.  I had no idea, however, that the “terrerists” were now intent on wreaking havoc on America’s cornfields!  Dear gods!  When will those monsters draw the line!  Is nothing sacred!!!

You can read more about the story here.

Beware the Cursed Cow Tongue of Longmont!!!