The battle to save the Tara-Skreen Valley and it’s associated sites is reaching a critical time.  Through the commitment of dedicated organizations like Tara Watch USA and other brave individuals the publicity over this issue is growing.  This site should be on the mind of all Celtic Pagans, Pagans, and Faery Seers alike.  Tara has a long history of culture, law, religion, and economics that make it worthy of classification as a World Heritage Site.

In light of this fact I have added my name to an online petition aimed to convince the UN the sacred value of this valley.  Now I know that folks like Jason Pitzl-Waters and others think that online petitions are basically worthless.  I think that this petition is, however, a rare exception to this, if you live outside of Ireland.  I cannot go and protest in person in Ireland, but I can add my voice to many people around the world for it’s protection.

Tara boasts a long history of culture and civilization rivaled by almost no other site on the planet.  The possibilities of archaeologocal, anthropological, and spiritual knowledge of Tara remain untapped:

For many centuries, historians worked to uncover Tara’s mysteries, and suggested that from the time of the first Celtic influence until the 1169 invasion of Richard de Clare, the Hill of Tara was the island’s political and spiritual capital. Due to the history and archaeology of Ireland being not well-integrated, and naturally evolving, archaeologists involved in recent research suggest that the complete story of the wider area around Hill of Tara remains untold.

I urge you to sign the Save Tara Petition and send a message to leaders in the UN that people all over the world (not just in Ireland) recognize the importance of Tara and her many treasures both sacred and secular.