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The Faery Teachings by Orion Foxwood

I can definitely report that “The Faery Teachings” has been a rich and enjoyable read.  Although touted as an “introduction” to Faery Seership, it does not read or provide as an introductory book.  The amount of knowledge and experience really shines through.  The overview of Faery Seership is broad but very compelling, giving the reader a palpable sense of what the possibilities, dangers, challenges, and gifts that accompany any serious practice of this rich tradition.

The cosmological overview of the Faery Seer’s world is especially intense and full of many possibilities of meaning.  Orion gives the reader a good sense of the meaning of the Three Realms of Celtic lore, Land (talamh), Sea (muir), and Sky (neamh).  The author talks in more detail about what the Three Realms are like, the spirits that indwell them, and more importantly how they are worked with.  The book has a very direct way of talking about the function of the Fair Folk in our world and how we can develop a relationship with them.  Orion does not archetype the Faery Realm to death, and offers a refreshing viewpoint on the reality of other realms of being.  In an excellent chapter on the paths between our world and the Faery Realms he says:

These paths begin in the inner world and lead outward, only to lead inward again.  They feed life essence outward to sustain our world and carry experience inward.  As long as they are active, life will continue in our world.  Should they ever close, it will be the end of life as we know it.  So, for those foolish humans who think that the Faery have died and the hidden paths closed because humanity has strayed away from their role in keeping the roads open and honoring the Faery ones, think twice.  The paths are open, only not to us on a personal level.  They can be again if we commit to re-energize them and seek the deeper companionship of the Elder race.

The author leads the reader through the many different types of Faery beings, and how contact is recognized and strengthened with them.  I found myself absolutely amazed at the depth of meaning and knowledge that this tradition holds.  The author provides some very effective exercises and methods for opening to contact with the Faery realms and the Land itself.  After working with these exercises for a few weeks I can attest to their efficacy on a personal level.  They work.

The author does an excellent job of explaining the use “an da shealladh” or the “Second Sight”.  The role of Second Sight in Faery Seership is paramount and all of the exercises of Faery Seership are designed to enhance it.  He says:

The “sight’ is the primary means by which the seer sees.  It is the mechanism for communication with beings that live in a a stratum of life that is not composed of the base elements that give form, depth, structure, solidity, and substance as we know it. . . Some people are born with it through genetic inheritance, others acquire it through strange life experiences that usually involve trauma or contact with the spirit world and others develop it through training and discipline.

The book is simply a must read for those who plan on pursuing Faery Seership, or for anyone interested in the Faery realms and the beings that dwell there.  Be prepared, this is a rich and very informative read!