Good news over the past few days about two endangered species here in Colorado.

wolverineThe first report is about a Wolverine tracked entering the northern border of the state on June 1st.  Although there have been unconfirmed sightings before, this is the first confirmed report of a Wolverine in over 90 years here in Colorado!  But here is the interesting part for me.  If there is a remnant population of Wolverines still extant in the Southern Rockies it is quite possible that the radio collared male may find himself a mate and actually breed.  If this were to happen then the Colorado Wildlife Commission (a body basically owned by ranchers, farmers and wool growers) may have their hand forced to implement some kind of re-introduction program.  I will be watching this story with keen interest, and promise to keep you all updated.  Predators like the Wolverine form important foundations to the ecosystem, and seeing as they are endangered through a large percentage of their former range, Colorado could make an ideal place for recovery.

Lynx KittensThe second piece of good news has to do with the ongoing Colorado Lynx Re-Introduction Program started in 1996.  The past few years have seen a fall in the snowshoe hare population in Colorado, but this year could be different.  The Colorado Division of Wildlife has confirmed finding two litters of Lynx kittens totaling 10 new kits!  This is great news for the Lynx Re-Introduction program here.  Not only are these births good in and of themselves but these kittens are the first born to parents that were born in Colorado not in Canada.  Could it be the population is starting to take hold?  Looks like!