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I am blessed to live on a sacred land
Walking a sacred path
From a sacred origin
To a sacred destination

The above prayer/poem (is there a difference?) came to me after performing a Faery Seership exercise in the park near my home.  It is an exercise called the Faery Well that is designed to help the newbie Faery Seer connect more intimately with the land.  It is similar in purpose to the smudging done by Native Americans, just different in technique.  I have had some amazing success with this technique.  It has a very palpable effect on my mind and seems to make me feel more comfortable in harsher weather conditions.  Weird, eh?  Weird but true.  After performing the Faery Well regularly for about a month I had this prayer come to me right after I was done.  I was feeling incredibly open and youthful, and walking on a small game trail that runs through the hills near my home.  These feelings of euphoria were at their most intense when this prayer simply leapt to my lips.  Saying it out loud lead to a feeling of all consuming gratitude for the Faery Seership path, my ancestors, and nature.

ancestralAltarAlong with this practice I have been working more with my ancestors.  I now have an area on the west side of my home that holds an ancestral altar.  A place that is specifically designated as an interface point between us.  I work with it once a day and have found it to be an invaluable practice.  I have seen more and more that our ancestors are intimately connected with our day to day lives and have been there for me more than I realized.  Working with them in a more conscious way has lead to a plethora of intense emotions and experiences.  I have found, however, that this work can be uncomfortable.  You start to find skeletons in the family closets that have to be faced, dealt with, but ultimately learned from.  When you face uncomfortable facts about your family, you face uncomfortable facts about yourself.  There is no way around it.  But along the way you find riches and gifts that you have access to and become more conscious of.

Ancestral work has been some of the most rewarding work I have yet done.

My last area of focus has been a small succession of waterfalls in the creek behind my house.  I have been making regular visits to this place and use some of the Faery Seer exercises I have learned from both The Tree of Enchantment and The Faery Teachings.  Not only has my connection with this place deepened it actually feels and looks physically bigger to me.  I am not sure quite how to explain this, but it is like stepping into a vast cathedral of leaf, branch, root, and vine.  I feel smaller when I enter, but more connected.  Some of my trance work has yielded brief images but the majority of experiences have been auditory (the water sounds, well, weird) and emotional (intense feelings of euphoria and gratitude).  These waterfalls are starting to feel more and more like a doorway for me into a deeper connection with “the sacred land” and myself.  Very excited!