Claire Small: Ledger

Claire Small: Ledger

Music is essential to life.  Last year I had the pleasure of meeting Claire Small while on a trip to Austin.  Although I did not have the pleasure of hearing her perform live I did get to have a great conversation with her.  When I got back home to the Springs I looked up her music on iTunes and was very impressed.  Claire puts a lot of passion into her music and I thoroughly enjoyed what I heard.

Tracks like “Rewind” have energy and sparkle with hope that never crosses the line of cheese.  “Citronella” has a moody, sensual sadness to it that you can relate to and savor.  “Numbers” is haunting, honest and has some subtle Middle Eastern flair that I adore.  And then there is “Cryin’ Before Ten”, this one graces my ears at least twice a day.  Claire has been wowing since an early age:

A few years and about thirty songs later, encouraged by parents and teachers Claire responded to an ad from a new local music venue needing regular acts. At the audition her singing and writing style caught the eye of honky-tonker Greg Garing. Though she was only fifteen years old, Garing took her under his wing and made her a part of the mid- 1990’s Lower Broadway revival that included acts such as BR-549, Paul Burch, and Lucinda Williams. In both ’95 and ’96 she was the youngest artist to play at the Nashville Extravaganza “breathing out the music of the angels”, and “wowing a small crowd with technique far beyond her years” as reported by the Nashville Scene.

Give her a listen if you get the chance, you won’t be dissapointed.