As some of you may know mo Mhathair (me Mum) has been sick for some time now. Well here I am sitting in the hospice where she was moved yesterday. I am of course sad, but am also deeply moved by the staff here and my crazy ass family who continue to surprise me.

Watching a death is always hard, but you know you would not trade the experience for anything. Never thought I would be blogging at a time like this! But what the hey, right?

I hope that I have as many people watching over me and caring for me as my Mom does right now. In her last moments of lucidity I got to tell her that I loved her, and what followed was a hug I will never forget. She got to hold her new two week old grand-daughter. Total bliss.

I can feel my ancestors gathering. I could sware I smell the salt sea. I feel Brighid’s hands smoothing her hair, and calming high mountain passes for her to walk over.

May Tír na nÓg recieve her, cause I know they will like her there.