I have been spending some time recently helping to develop a new volunteer organization, comprised entirely of pagans, for natural restoration work here in Colorado. The idea is to get many pagans of different traditions together to volunteer for outdoor wilderness restoration, beautification, and preservation. All in the name of a more engaged pagan community that represents itself in other ways that just weird outfits, public ritual, and heavy black eye shadow! Not that there is necessarily anything wrong with those things! 😉

Our intent is to simply get pagans outside working with the Forest Service, and other environmental organizations. We are hoping that this will help put a different face on the pagan community, one that shows our commitment to the environment, as well as to the community at large.

How will we identify ourselves as pagans? Very simply. Each volunteer will wear a dark green t-shirt with these emblems:

We chose the term “Druid” because it is a familiar term to most people, and it is often associated with “green attitudes”. The large image goes on the back of the shirt, while the small emblem (the twisted up dude) goes on the front of the shirt. We chose the slogan, “Polytheism with Purpose” instead of “Paganism with Purpose” because most people know what the term “polytheism” means, whereas “paganism” is used in many different ways, with multiple meanings.

I am interested to hear if others have done something similar in their area, whether it is for environmental causes or something else. Does anyone have any suggestions?