1. Title proliferation:

As paganism moves forward into the next century, and the big changes it will bring, I think it important for all of us to contemplate the place and meaning of titles in our various religions.

Terms such as, Druid, Archdruid, Grand Archdruid, High Priestess, High Priest, and many others have become so commonplace as to be virtually meaningless. What do these titles mean? Do they reflect personal spiritual experiences or spiritual and educational experience. Do they simply reflect membership in a certain belief system? If these titles only reflect religious affiliation they will remain subjective titles that really contribute nothing to a wider understanding of paganism to society at large. And “Grand Archdruid”? As if the term “Archdruid” was not enough! 😉

When we use ancient cultural terms like these with such impunity it really robs the word of any meaning. Imagine if every Jew called himself a Rabbi? At some point it really means very little. Words must carry meaning in order for them to convey a concept and subsequently contain power of intention. There is, and should continue to be, much debate about honorifics in the pagan world.

2. Health Concerns:

One of the least talked about issues in the pagan community today are issues of physical health. I know that many people struggle with weight gain, and that these struggles can lead to a lot of personal self deprecating. I do not wish to add to that. It remains a sad fact, however, that the pagan community deals with obesity issues, diet, and lack of exercise. These are not positive problems for us as we move forward. This will contribute to high instances of heart conditions, diabetes, and many other potentially deadly ailments.

If we started writing and speaking more about these issues individual pagans will respond. Exercise, diet and general physical health are just as important as full moon esbats, Beltaine ceremonies, and visualization techniques.